A Walk on 36th Street

Thirty-sixth street in Manhattan is dim and hurried on a warm December evening. It isn’t neon-lit like Kerouac’s Greenwich Village or illuminated by billboards like Times Square a few steps uptown. Cutting across Midtown only two blocks north of the lights and consumer glitz of thirty-fourth street, it is tame in comparison to the shopping  and tourist districts alongside it.

These photos are hastily framed, reflective of their surroundings. Unlike the slow-moving crush of Times Square where photography is expected, the solitary homeward-bound commuters walking briskly around me on the narrow sidewalk and the countdown of the walk timer on the wide avenues rush the point-and-shoot routine.

Certain colors repeat: the green of streetlights, particleboard construction barriers, Christmas trees, and greenery surviving through the mild pre-frost Fall weather; the glint of fluorescence, headlights, and shimmering asphalt.






One response to “A Walk on 36th Street”

  1. Paola Patito Avatar

    Me encantó tu post. Ya lo recomendé por mis redes sociales ❤


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