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  • Light and shadow

    Light and shadow

    No need to wait for the golden hour as the sun is setting, New York is good for photos at any hour. The skyscrapers cast hard shadows like sundials onto the streets below. All photos were taken and edited on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  • Volkswagen Beetles Live on in Mexico

    Volkswagen Beetles Live on in Mexico

    I originally posted this back in 2016. I’ve updated this post in October 2021 to fix the gallery and add a few new photos. During our trip to Mexico City this month, it seems like the vochos are getting even older and ricketier or they’re being reclaimed as polished-up antique cars by aficionados. Herbie the…

  • Kinokuniya Books, one of our favorite places

    Kinokuniya Books, one of our favorite places

    Kinokuniya Books next to Bryant Park in Manhattan is really great. It’s full of all sorts of books, magazines, and stationery that you won’t find anywhere else, at least outside of Japan. It’s inspiring to go there because you’ll always find something new to catch your eye. Their first floor is full of English language…

  • Finding weird and wonderful album covers

    Finding weird and wonderful album covers

    Since I just repaired our turntable I’ve been going to record stores to expand our collection. So far Princeton Record Exchange (PRX) in Princeton, NJ and Generation Records here in New York have been my favorites. PRX is well worth the trip if you’re starting a collection because they have so many classics for under…

  • Looking at construction through the “Kyle windows”

    Looking at construction through the “Kyle windows”

    Paola calls these “Kyle windows”. I’m always poking my nose in these clear plexiglass diamonds to see what’s going on beyond the green plywood barriers. Construction is fascinating and I think it brings out the little kid in all of us. My theory is that these windows have been put there for liability reasons so…

  • Mineral del Chico

    Mineral del Chico is a small mining town in the state of Hidalgo, north of Mexico City, founded over 440 years ago. Repairs to the local church are made using nopales (cactus) as a binding agent in the construction process.           

  • Cupcake ATM

      Vending cupcakes at your convenience, just swipe your bank card. Sprinkles Cupcakes, 780 Lexington Ave, Upper East Side, New York, NY. 

  • A Walk on 36th Street

    Thirty-sixth street in Manhattan is dim and hurried on a warm December evening. It isn’t neon-lit like Kerouac’s Greenwich Village or illuminated by billboards like Times Square a few steps uptown. Cutting across Midtown only two blocks north of the lights and consumer glitz of thirty-fourth street, it is tame in comparison to the shopping …

  • Cabin Porn

    Spotted at The Strand bookstore, seemed on topic given recent wilderness musings.