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  • A philosophy for hiking lighter

    A philosophy for hiking lighter

    Ultralight hiking is a mix of enlightenment and consumerism. It is semi-philosophical, encouraging hikers to “carry less and travel farther”. Less weight on your back means more miles and more comfort. Through the power of round numbers and online bickering, the limit for “ultralight” has been set arbitrarily at 15 lbs of gear, prior to…

  • Classic camping with a Coleman briefcase stove (How-to)

    Classic camping with a Coleman briefcase stove (How-to)

    We were planning a car camping trip over the July 4th and I had to get us a Coleman stove. That’s because few things cause as much pleasant nostalgia as using the same equipment we used as Boy Scouts: Eureka Timberline tents, Coleman lanterns, and Coleman stoves were our mainstays. As you may have noticed…

  • We’re going camping

    We’re going camping

    I have my briefcase, time for a July 4th weekend trip to the Adirondacks. More to come soon.