Where to recycle anything in New York City

Keeping our tiny apartment in Manhattan tidy requires constant attention to not accumulating things. Part of what we’ve developed over the years is a strategy for getting rid of things we no longer need or want. We often save them near the door and make a weekend “run” to drop things off at several places.

Most of this information can be found through the DSNY site, but here it is as a simple list:

  • Bottles, cans, metal, hard plastics: Recycling bin
  • Paper, cardboard: Recycling bin
  • Waxed paper, flexible plastics, styrofoam: Trash, unfortunately
  • Electronics: Best Buy drop-off
  • Ink cartridges: Staples, offers credit towards new ink
  • Batteries: Home Depot drop-off
  • Mailers and plastic bags: Target, bin at entrance
  • Stained or torn clothing: Uniqlo, Zara drop-off
  • Wearable clothing, home goods: Salvation Army or Goodwill
  • Packaged, non-packaged edible food: S’Mac Community Fridge
  • Organic waste, food scraps: Drop-off or curbside service (building opt-in)
  • Household chemicals: SAFE Disposal event or drop-off

Even for those of you not in New York City, this may give you some ideas of where to get rid of some of those pesky things you’ve just been throwing in the trash.





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