Using the Rollei Prego 90 for the first and last time

A few months ago, after catching the film bug, I happened across a 90s-era point and shoot at a local second hand shop. It looked average but had a good name, it was a Rollei, a German brand famous for cameras like the Rolleiflex.

The camera was a Rollei Prego 90, and given how hard it had been to find a half-decent used point-and-shoot, I figured it was worth a try. It was a bit scuffed and had some kind of sticky black tape residue on it, but the LCD was fully functional and it even came with a battery.

I loaded the camera up with Fujifilm Superia 400 and took some great shots around the city. The camera did a great job capturing shadow, sharp contrast, and vivid colors. The film had great grain. It was winning as a good take-anywhere camera, particularly since it was already well-worn.

Then one shot short of the end of the roll, the rear door popped open. The latch holding it shut was made of plastic and it simply snapped. It was a 30-year-old camera, so it was inevitable I suppose. I was able to hold the door on and por the auto rewind with a paper clip, which saved the roll.

If you happen to find another of these cameras, it’s worth a buy. About the only downside is the overly complex menu settings.

A few sample images are below.





One response to “Using the Rollei Prego 90 for the first and last time”

  1. Paola Avatar

    Hi again 😗,

    As always, love your review and the pictures, it makes me thing that we should get one again 🤪 although now our camera drawer is getting out of control again 😅 maybe we need a bigger drawer.



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