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  • Cheems, the most famous Shiba Inu in Mexico

    Cheems, the most famous Shiba Inu in Mexico

    This is a post about a Shiba Inu from Hong Kong named Balltze who is a superstar in Mexico, where he is known as Cheems. KnowYourMeme traces the birth of “Cheems” to r/dogelore, an American Reddit group focusing on dog memes, in June 2019. In his original incarnation, Cheems was a floating dog head that…

  • Panam, Mexico’s most Mexican sneakers

    Panam, Mexico’s most Mexican sneakers

    When I first saw a pair of vintage-inspired Panam sneakers on my first trip to Mexico, I wanted a pair for myself. The only issue was I couldn’t find my size anywhere! While it’s very common for shoes in Mexico to not reach my size, it reinforced the shoe’s unattainability and local cache. So when…

  • Volkswagen Beetles Live on in Mexico

    Volkswagen Beetles Live on in Mexico

    I originally posted this back in 2016. I’ve updated this post in October 2021 to fix the gallery and add a few new photos. During our trip to Mexico City this month, it seems like the vochos are getting even older and ricketier or they’re being reclaimed as polished-up antique cars by aficionados. Herbie the…

  • Visiting Casa Herradura, Birthplace of Tequila

    Visiting Casa Herradura, Birthplace of Tequila

    This past Christmas break we went to Guadalajara and during our time there couldn’t miss out on a trip to the area around the town of Tequila to learn more about Mexico’s national drink. That’s how we found ourselves at Casa Herradura in the town of Amatitán, a functioning hacienda that claims to be the…

  • The Whole Enchilada, for Breakfast

    The Whole Enchilada, for Breakfast

    Until an embarrassingly advanced age, I could not have told you what an enchilada was exactly. Thanks to the wildly popular local hippie-Tex Mex take-out place down the street from my childhood home, I knew it as a shifty pile of meat and various Mexican ingredients, possibly including rice and vegetables, all covered in gooey…

  • Making it Mexican Street Food

    Mexico, despite popular misconception, is not the land of crunchy tacos, ground beef, and shredded cheddar cheese. It is the land of chili, lime, cilantro, and onion. Lime, chili, cilantro, and onion (and meat) on a tortilla are the essence of a taco. Likewise, in Mexico, lime and chili (hot sauce, especially Valentina brand) can…

  • Mineral del Chico

    Mineral del Chico is a small mining town in the state of Hidalgo, north of Mexico City, founded over 440 years ago. Repairs to the local church are made using nopales (cactus) as a binding agent in the construction process.