Ikea as turntable furniture

Last month we did some rearranging and I ended up with Paola’s Ikea Eket bookcase in the living room as my new record storage and turntable solution. It’s been great for background music while we work from home, even if I have to get up and flip the record every 20 minutes.

The Eket bookcase ($55) snaps together in maybe ten minutes with no tools needed other than my hand, which I used as a mallet, which in retrospect wasn’t the best idea. The only other special setup I did was to use a bullseye level to center the turntable. It now seems easier to set the needle on the record without skipping.

The extra space for my records makes it way easier to browse albums and put away the discs without the plastic covers getting all bunched up. On top of that, I now have a homemade dust cover for my mixer, which was a Christmas gift.