Finding weird and wonderful album covers

Since I just repaired our turntable I’ve been going to record stores to expand our collection. So far Princeton Record Exchange (PRX) in Princeton, NJ and Generation Records here in New York have been my favorites. PRX is well worth the trip if you’re starting a collection because they have so many classics for under $10 and Generation has a great budget jazz section and some unique stuff on the walls.

In some cases, I’ve taken a chance and bought great music and at other times just took photos of odd and interesting covers that I didn’t buy. Here are some photos from the last few weeks:

3 Replies to “Finding weird and wonderful album covers”

  1. Wow love this post, to the point (where to get cool vinyls) and with awesome pictures. I also love the comments on the pictures 😂.
    Continue the great blogging 🥳🥳🥳

    1. Nice presentation of your finds. Which of those you bought do you like the most?

      1. I’d say the Blondie one is my favorite aesthetically, I like the Japanese writing on the cover

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